Company Structure

Vision & Core Value

  • Being one of the leading property developer in Malaysia, we constantly creating legacy by delivering high quality and valued products to our customers, achieving long term growth and lasting value for all stakeholders.

  • To fulfill this aspiration through prudent investment, modern technology and world-class performance.

  • As a community-oriented citizen, we strive to serve the well-being of the community, promoting public interest and conservation of the environment.

Creative and Innovative

Innovation is progress as excellence is assured by not settling for the status quo. Innovation is not limited to design and the product’s physical aspect, it also includes marketing strategy and management techniques. Through innovation, a company can not only walk with the times but also to stay ahead of the rest. Innovation requires thinking out of the box by breaking away from the comfort zone thereby arriving at a better place.

Trustworthy and Reliable

Being trustworthy and being able to be relied upon is the bedrock for success. Without these two to build on, failure is guaranteed. This meant not only living up to the customers’ expectations, but also exceeding them. Gaining the clients’ trust will mean establishing a good reputation for Ideal which will in turn propel the company into reaching its objectives.

Prudent and Responsible

A company greatly affects the social fabric and environment in the society it operates. Prudent planning can ensure that development does not negatively impact society and the environment. Ideal ideally places the spirit of “returning to society” in planning projects so development can improve the life of the people. In addition, we like to promote green living and maintaining an ecological balance by incorporating green elements into our projects. This includes implementing recycling programmes and emphasizing sustainable development in our planning.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Creating a pleasant environment is one of Ideal’s goal as pursuing beauty is instinctive. But aesthetics does not only mean that something looks good, it also means that something can generate feelings of joy and happiness which improves life all round.

Team Work Spirit

Teamwork is properly utilizing the unique talents and capabilities of individuals to achieve success. Ideal’s success should not be attributed to only one person but credit should be emphasized on the team. Only by working together as a team can ensure Ideal’s continued success.